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If you cant tell your bandeaus from your Brazilians, then you need our Bikini Dictionary! Start by clicking a letter below.

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Bandeau Any of a number of swimsuit garment tops that do not use shoulder straps, and most often tie in the back.
Bikini Womens swimsuit consisting of two pieces, one covering the breasts and the other covering the groin.
Bikini Wax Act of applying wax (usually hot) to the skin for the purpose of hair removal.
Boy Short Bikini Bikini bottom designed to just barely cover the buttocks.
Brazilian Type of bikini bottom usually consisting of a flat back with medium coverage, riding low on the hips.


Camkini Camisole top with bikini bottom.


G-String Smallest bikini bottom available, usually consisting of a single elasticized piece of fabric connecting the front and back.


Metallic bikini Bikini made from shiny, reflective fabric, giving it a metallic look.
Micro Bikini Any of a number of bikinis consisting of as little fabric as possible.
Microkini An extremely small bikini.
Monokini Bikini bottoms worn without a bikini top.


Ruched Piece of fabric sewn so as to make it wrinkled in a particular way.


Seekini Bikini made from transparent or semi-transparent fabric.
See Thru Bikini Same as Seekini.
Sling Bikini Bikini style where the bottoms do not tie around the hips, instead wrapping over top of the shoulders, often one piece.
String Bikini Bikini bottom with minimal fabric covering the buttocks.


Tankini Tank top with bikini bottom.
Teardrop Bikini Bikini characterized by extremely small teardrop-shaped fabric covering the breast and groin.
Thong Bikini Same as string bikini.
Triangle Top Bikini top named for its unique shape.

TeenyB Bikini Couture

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